Troop 620

Sam Houston Area Council

2017 Summer Camp - 6/24-7/2

Camp Davy Crockett

142 Boy Scout Road
Whitesburg, TN 37891

Camp Davy Crockett located in the foothillsof the smokies has 1865 acres of beautiful outdoors including 8 miles of shoreline on Cherokee lake. Camp Davy Crockett has all the ingredients for fun: motor boats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, swimming pool, paddle boards, rifle range, shotgun range, archery range, COPE course as well as over 50 merit badges and other programs.

The full Leaders Guide is available here.
Merit Badges p12-22. Open activities p24. Basic Schedule p27. Class Schedule p37
Make sure when selecting your merit badges, they fit on the schedule. You may be limited on what you take based on the time(s) they are available. Look at p37 on the guide or use this link

You should have received a packing list at the last meeting; however, an example one is available here. Note: The camp is providing tents, cots, and mattresses, so you do not need to bring that. You can chose to bring a sleeping bag, or just bring sheets and a pillow.  Pack a small backpack with a change of clothes, swimsuit, towel and toiletries. This bag will be used on the night before camp and then right when they get to camp for the swim test. This way everything is easy to find and they don't have to dig through their Action Packer / Footlocker. 

If you are a new scout attending the Second Class/First Class classes, you will also need to bring Rope-20 feet(¼“). Look over the merit badges you selected and see if there is any specific gear required or costs.

Travel Fee (Gas): $50

Travel Meals: $50+ (8 meals)

Travel Lodging: TBD

Merit Badge Extra Costs ??

Trading Post Money ??





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