Troop 620

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Lost Pines Trip

Information for those Scouts attending Lost Pines Summer Camp

Sunday July 10th @ 9AM

We will meet at Albright and will depart at 9:30AM. Please arrive at 9AM so you can get your gear loaded and we can be on the road on schedule. 


Weekly Spending Money is needed. $50 is suggested. A leather kit will need to be purchased at camp for around $7 and the balance of the money will be used daily at the trading post and for meals while traveling to and from camp. You can decide what amount works for you. Money will be turned into the troop "banker" for the trip and Scouts will check out money each day to be used. Please pay in small bills, $1, $5, $10, so the money can be easily given out to the Scouts without them having to make change.

Travel Expense. $10 to be paid to the driver of your Scout.


Backpack (School Style) - Pack your swim suit, towel, sunscreen, notebook + pen, scout book, water bottle and other items you will need easy access too. 

Action Packer 24gal - Pack your sleeping bag (or blanket and sheet), small pillow, sleeping pad (optional, but preferred), 6 pairs of clothes, bathroom items, and other gear in here.

See the full packing list here.

* Tents are not required as they will be provided by the troop. 

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